Solar Backup Battery Near Citrus Hills, CA

A solar backup battery installation gives you a personal power supply when your home needs it most. Capital City Solar is here to provide you with a system that can save your energy for emergencies or when there’s less exposure to the sun. Living on clean, sustainable energy is easier when you have a robust backup battery for your home in the Citrus Hills, CA, area. You’ll get to save money on utility bills and have stored electricity whenever you need to access it.

There are many benefits to having an at-home home battery backup as a power supply that you can depend on. The cost of electricity in California is getting higher because households are charged based on how much they use during different times of day. So, looking for a sustainable way to power your home is in your best interest! Solar power puts you in control of your energy usage and saves you money with the added benefit that it’s doing good by the environment.

What are the Benefits of a Solar Battery Backup System?

Solar battery backup systems for home allow you to mitigate the costs of electricity by storing excess energy for use later. The sunlight is absorbed during the day by your solar panels and it charges your battery as well. You can then program your system to draw from your power supply during the night or whenever else you need it. Power your entire home with clean, renewable energy that you can depend on when there’s less sunlight or in an emergency.

Households in California are being charged a time of use (TOU) fee when there is a higher demand for electricity. Peak hours are typically after business hours when people come home from work and are using the most electricity. These TOU rates can increase utility bills by up to 30%, even on the low side. It makes a difference to go off grid and use your own personal power supply during these times. You can avoid these high rates by simply using the energy you’ve already stored in your battery backup power supply.

It’s worth it to invest in this highly sought after feature because of the benefits it has to offer including:

Peak Savings Keep More Money in Your Wallet

During peak hours, it costs more to power your home through the typical grid system. When you use your solar backup battery during these times, you can harness the energy you’ve saved up when you need it most.

Solar Power Use Day and Night

The beauty of an at-home battery backup power supply is that it can be used around the clock. Since it has stored excess energy from prior sun exposure, it is readily available to you at any time day or night.

Avoid Paying Steep TOU Demand Charges

Time of use (TOU) fees can add up and they’re unavoidable if you don’t have a solar power system like a backup battery. By using the energy you’ve stored, you don’t have to pay steep demand charges during peak hours.

Control Exactly How Much Energy Your Home Uses

Maximize savings by controlling exactly how much energy your home uses. A personal power supply is yours to use as you wish and lets you reduce expenses by giving you access to a renewable source of energy whenever you need it.

Store an Emergency Power Supply for Outages

When you have a solar backup battery system for home, you have a power supply that can save you big time in an emergency. Whether it’s a grid failure, blackout, or bad weather that’s the problem, you can still power your home with the excess energy you’ve accumulated.

The Best Solar Battery Backup System for Home

We know that solar backup batteries store excess energy and that they save it for times when there is less natural light and power outages. But what is the best solar battery backup system for home? Here at Capital City Solar, we prefer the SunPower® brand and their line of value added products because of their innovative use of technology. The highest quality systems are made from durable and effective materials such as lithium ion phosphate technology used by sonnenBatterie systems and lithium ion LG Chem batteries.

If a blackouts or grid failure occurred, you would be covered with stored electricity that you can depend on at all hours of the day and night. Get more energy independence with a strong, durable system that puts you in control.

Store Your Homes Solar Power

Choose a solar backup battery that is capable of storing large amounts of energy for use all day. You won’t have to worry about running out of power because many systems are able to store enough energy for night use as well.

Take Precautions Against Grid Failures

In a blackout, everyone is affected and it’s a great inconvenience for however long it may last. Take precautions against grid failures with a solar battery backup system for your home. You can stay prepared for outages and the potential for bad weather to knock out the lights in your neighborhood.

Invest in a Secure Power Supply

Even in an emergency, you can count on your residential battery backup to supply power to your home for hours and hours. You choose when you want to use your sustainable energy and recharge it when the sun’s out again.

Get Your Home a Battery Backup Power Supply

For more than 15 years, Capital City Solar has served homeowners in Citrus Hills, CA, with industry-leading efficiency and warranties. If you want to install the best solar battery backup system for your home, turn to us to learn more about all of the options available on the market. We’re certified SunPower® Elite Dealers and we partnered with Grid Alternatives to support the local community. As leaders in the industry, we’re dealers for top names like Tesla due to the high quality products and services we provide.

We can answer all of your questions and connect you to a system that is most suitable for your home and budget. We also have the skills and equipment to install your solar backup battery correctly.
Reap the benefits of solar power including its return on investment and the convenience of renewable energy. Reach out to us right away!

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