Solar Panel Repair Near Me Around Sacramento

Solar system arrays are often customized to individual homes to optimize energy production and output. When searching for solar panel repair near me, homeowners need to find reputable technicians with the experience to assess the issues affecting their solar system and remediate them efficiently. Getting a residential solar system operating at peak performance again is crucial to keeping energy costs low and maximizing the return on your investment. 

Turn to Capital City Solar for a full range of services, including assessments, cleaning, repairs, and output verification. Our solar panel repair technicians around the Sacramento area have experience working with whole-home solar systems and servicing smaller systems around the house, such as pool solar panel repair. Call us today to get one company to handle everything when searching for solar panel repair near me.


Are You Noticing Decreased Solar Power Production?

It’s time to start searching for a solar panel repair technician near me whenever you notice a decrease in solar power production. Solar panels are built to last for several decades, but they require maintenance and repairs occasionally to ensure optimal performance. 

Higher utility bills or the need to draw more of your home’s power from public utility grids are often the first indications of decreased solar output. Other indicators include:

  • Visible Damage
  • Dirty or Dusty Panels
  • Shading Issues
  • Inverter Error Codes
  • Electrical Issues
  • Abnormal Noise
  • Water Leakage
  • System Monitoring Alert

Inverter error codes or warning lights displaying faults, errors, or malfunctions should be investigated promptly. Inverter issues are one of the most common problems. Inverters collect energy as DC and turn it into the AC energy many of your home’s appliances need to function. A problem with this complex operation can disrupt the entire solar panel system and may require professional repairs or replacements. 

Electrical problems, such as flickering lights, tripped circuit breakers, or abnormal voltage fluctuations, could indicate wiring faults, loose connections, or inverter problems within the solar panel system. Unusual noises, such as buzzing, humming, or clicking sounds coming from the solar panel system, may indicate mechanical issues, such as faulty fans, motors, or mounting hardware. You may also see water leakage or signs of moisture around the solar panels and related equipment, which could cause corrosion, electrical shorts, or other damage. 

An experienced solar panel repair technician can pinpoint the nature and cause of any problems. Physical damage or dirty panels will be easy to spot, but there could be several reasons why blinking lights or error codes are being displayed. More than one issue is often behind a decrease in power output or lower efficiency. Reach out to Capital City Solar when searching for solar panel repair near me in Sacramento, California, and the surrounding area for trusted evaluations and repairs.

What Causes Damage To Solar Panels?

One of the best things about solar panels is their durability and longevity. Most are rated to last 25 years or longer, while other brands we install are built to operate at peak performance for at least 45 years. Decades of lower utility bills allow homeowners to save substantial money and get a significant ROI on their investment.

Though high-quality solar panels are amazingly durable, they’ll still need occasional maintenance and repairs to maximize longevity. Because solar powers need to be outside, they are susceptible to damage by a range of factors, including:

  • Physical Damage – Impacts from falling branches, hailstorms, or debris blown by strong winds can damage solar panels.
  • Environmental Factors – Environmental conditions like extreme temperatures, moisture, humidity, and UV radiation can degrade solar panels and cause performance issues.
  • Dirt and Debris Buildup – Dirt, dust, leaves, bird droppings, or other debris accumulated on the surface of solar panels can reduce their efficiency by blocking sunlight and hindering light absorption.
  • Faulty Wiring – Wiring connections between solar panels, inverters, and electrical components may become loose, corroded, or damaged over time, leading to electrical faults and reduced system performance.
  • Shading Issues – Shading from nearby trees, buildings, or structures can cast shadows on solar panels, reducing their efficiency and energy output, particularly at certain times of the day or year.
  • Rodent or Pest Damage – Rodents, birds, or other pests may chew on wiring, nest under solar panels, or cause physical damage to the panels themselves, leading to electrical faults or system malfunctions.

Without a trained solar panel repair technician, manufacturing defects could also be present and hard to distinguish. Solar system arrays are often customized to individual homes to optimize their energy production based on factors such as roof size, orientation, shading, and energy consumption patterns. When looking for solar panel repair near me around Sacramento, California, it is crucial to prioritize reputable companies with experience servicing many types of homes and solar systems.

What’s the Best Way To Maintain Solar Panels?

Homeowners should take steps to protect their solar arrays and keep them operating at peak performance to maximize the return on their investment. Some best practices for maintaining solar panels include:

  • Regular Cleaning
  • Trim Nearby Trees
  • Periodically Checking Mounting Hardware
  • Monitor Performance
  • Protect Against Wildlife
  • Follow the Manufacturer’s Guidelines

Regular cleaning and maintenance by our expert team will ensure any issues can be discovered and addressed immediately. We always recommend that clients receive a cleaning service at least once a year. An annual cleaning service will also be the perfect time for a solar panel repair technician to assess the overall condition of your solar panel system. 

Assessment and Output Verification

Many solar power systems come with manufacturer warranties guaranteeing that the system’s performance won’t degrade beyond a specified percentage in a given amount of time. Ensuring that your solar array maintains optimal performance can be crucial for maximizing its efficiency and return on investment. Capital City Solar provides solar power system output verification services utilizing a range of advanced software and tools to assess the actual performance of your system. 

An output verification service is invaluable for those who have recently purchased a home with a solar array or for existing solar owners aiming to optimize their system’s output throughout its lifetime. By entrusting us with this task, customers can have peace of mind knowing that their solar investment continues to deliver the promised benefits while adhering to warranty specifications. 

Thermal Imaging

Choose our comprehensive services and experience when looking for solar panel repair near me, and take advantage of cutting-edge technology for assessing solar panel array performance. Many solar panel systems are constructed in a parallel configuration, which means when one panel is faulty or damaged, it could impact the entire system.

A single panel’s output loss will diminish your solar array’s efficiency and energy generation. When faulty or damaged panels start converting less solar energy into electricity, homeowners will be forced to rely on grid power, raising their utility costs. This could result in a financial loss for homeowners that could add up over time. 

We implement thermal imaging technology to identify faulty solar energy system panels. Optimally functioning panels will generate a unique heat signature as they produce electricity. Faulty panels won’t have as pronounced of a heat profile, which can be detected with thermal imaging. Our innovative practices can reduce the time it takes to inspect solar panels and ensure problems are promptly addressed when detected. Contact our team of solar panel repair technicians to get effective solutions that can save you money.

Critter Defense

Animals can cause problems for inverters, wiring, and other crucial components of your solar power system. Insects and birds have been to nest in the cracks and grooves between your roof and solar panels, and their activities can damage them over time. Rodents may sometimes do the same when escaping cold temperatures or rain. The droppings, chewing, and other messes left behind can seriously impact your system’s efficiency. Our solar panel repair technicians can place critter guards around your panels to keep these animals out.

Why Choose Capital City Solar?

Capital City Solar has been one of the most trusted residential and commercial solar panel service providers in Sacramento and Northern California for over 20 years. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners throughout the region maintain their solar energy systems and maximize their investments.

Our solar panel services are comprehensive and designed to help at every stage of your solar array’s lifespan, from installation to dismantling. We utilize standard and innovative techniques and technologies to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

The initial cost of installing solar panels is high, but the rewards make them a worthwhile investment in the long run. Increased home value and savings on energy costs can help a solar energy system pay for itself. Metering – the practice of selling surplus energy to public power grids – can also offset the costs of installation and maintenance. It’s not uncommon for many homeowners to save more money over the years than what they put into their solar panels.

The best way to maintain and maximize your solar energy investment is with one company that can provide solutions every step of the way. We perform installations, inspections, cleaning, repairs, energy output verifications, and dismantle and re-install solar panels if you move to a new home. We have experience working with whole-home systems and even perform services for auxiliary systems, like fence or pool solar panel repair. 

Turn to Capital City Solar when looking for a solar panel repair technician near me so you can receive knowledgeable services to protect and maximize your investment.


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