Solar Panel Cleaning & Maintenance

Your solar power system is designed to operate continuously without issue for many years, despite exposure to wind, rain, and other inclement weather. But as with your roof, gutters, vehicle, and anything else exposed to the great outdoors, an occasional cleaning is a good idea.


Solar Power System Cleaning & Inspection Protects Your Investment

Much of Northern California regularly experiences windy conditions that deposits soil and dust on residential and commercial solar panels. And if you live in Sacramento, the city’s many trees are likely covering your system with leaves, pollen, and other debris as well.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of solar power systems means the difference between a system that functions optimally, and a system that just works. More importantly, this has a significant impact on your energy bill. You may lose 10% or more of your energy output from a dirty system, which means you use more power from the local energy grid, increasing your monthly power bill.

This is why we recommend cleaning your solar power system at least once per year. With proper cleaning and maintenance, you can maximize your investment! Why pay more on your energy bill when a bit of maintenance will return your system to peak performance?

Why have Capital City Solar clean your system?

Capital City Solar has installed more than 1,200 solar power systems throughout Northern California, and we have serviced and repaired many more. We understand how to clean and maintain solar power systems in a manner that will return them to proper performance, without risking damage or diminished performance.

In addition to performing a thorough cleaning, we conduct a 30-point inspection, and verify electrical outputs to make sure your system is performing at its highest efficiency level. We have extensive experience working on systems from a variety of manufacturers, and service almost all PV modules and inverters.


Do you have pigeons or other animals on or around your power system?

Animals can cause serious or indirect damage to your roof, as well as to your solar power system. In our experience, many homes can benefit from the installation of Critter Guards, which prevent animals from crawling or nesting under the panels and causing damage to inverters, wiring, and other critical components.

If you have an animal problem, call for a Critter Guard estimate today!

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