Solar Power System Expansion

Many homeowners and business owners who purchased home solar power systems five to ten years ago are now finding that their systems are no longer sufficient to meet their current energy needs. There are a few reasons why this is becoming an increasingly common issue.


Diminishing Performance

An unfortunate universal truth of solar energy systems is that over time, their production degrades. However, the advantage of SunPower is that their panels are built to last for at least 40 years. This is because SunPower panels degrade in production by only 0.25% per year over the first 25 years of use. SunPower system owners can expect to continue enjoying more than 85% of original production after 25 years, and more than 80% for more than 40 years.

Changes in Electricity Pricing

A few years ago, many homeowners sought to merely supplement their energy usage enough to stay in the lowest, cheapest tier of electricity pricing. But with the implementation of time-of-use pricing, the base cost of electricity is skyrocketing, and it’s now imperative to decrease grid usage as much as possible.

Electric Vehicles

Many people are purchasing new plug-in electric vehicles that can be charged from a standard wall outlet. While these vehicles are cleaner than gas-burning cars, they require a lot of electricity to power, and can significantly increase your reliance on the grid.

For those with existing solar power systems looking to increase their energy production, Capital City Solar can help. Our technicians will come out and evaluate your home and system, and determine if you have the necessary space available to add additional solar panels to your system. We’ll estimate the appropriate amount of expansion based upon your needs, the size of your roof, and the state of your current system.

Rebound Effect

A study of homeowners who installed solar power systems found that a significant number increased their energy usage in the years after they bought their systems. This means that the financial savings they anticipated weren’t what they anticipated, as they started using more. If your family’s electricity usage has increased, a system expansion is a great way to get your energy bills back down where you want them.

To find out if system expansion is right for your home or business, contact Capital City Solar today!