Electric Vehicle Charging with Solar Power

Solar panels and electric cars are a perfect match. If you own an electric vehicle, you already save a lot of money by not purchasing gasoline. Now, imagine the additional savings if your home solar energy system powered both your home and your car. Even if you don’t currently own an electric vehicle, Capital City Solar can design a solar energy system that takes your future use into consideration.


How Much Energy Does an Electric Vehicle Require?

The EPA rates electric vehicles based on how many kilowatt-hours (kWh) the car uses to drive 100 miles, then converts that number to a “miles-per-gallon equivalent” (MPGe). You can use FuelEconomy.gov to compare ratings for every electric vehicle on the market. Once you know the rating of your car, you can determine how many kWh of production you will need based on your driving habits.

When sizing your solar solution, your Capital City Solar advisor will help you determine how much electricity will be needed to both power your home and charge your electric vehicle. If you don’t currently own an electric car, but plan to in the future, you can install an expandable power system that grows as your needs change.


Battery Storage – The Energy of the Future

What if you were in complete control of how you use energy in your home or business? A battery storage solution uses intelligent software to manage your usage throughout the day and night. Battery storage systems allows you to harvest lower cost energy and store it for use when the rates are higher, a practice known as ‘peak shaving.’ This saves you money, provides emergency backup power in case of an outage, and allows you to use stored solar power at night. Don’t let your utility company have control–you can achieve true energy independence with this cutting-edge technology.

Battery Storage Benefits:

Control exactly how you use energy in your home or business

Have emergency backup power in case of an outage

Reduce demand charges

Save money with peak shaving

Use solar power even at night