Residential Solar Installation for Roseville, CA


Elegant residential home with solar panels installed on it.

Solar power is a wonderful technological advancement to use for your home. It is an effective, efficient and clean way to bring power to your home. If you’re in the Roseville, CA, region, then Capital City Solar is available for those who want to switch. Because you’re using a renewable energy source to power your home, many homeowners have noticed a sizable decrease in their utility bills. When it comes to green initiatives, this is one of the most effective ones on the market that homeowners can participate in. Solar has become very popular in real estate, and you can make the switch too in Roseville, CA. Go eco-friendly with a solar panel installation and take advantage of the many benefits that come with it.

Switch Over Now

Homeowners nationwide are looking to make the switch to clean energy to reduce their carbon footprint and to save money down the road. The way a solar system works is you have solar panels installed on your roof. There isn’t a set number of panels that get installed. In general, you’ll only have enough panels installed to power your home. These panels will then sit up on your roof discreetly. They also don’t require extensive maintenance either because the ones we use at Capital City Solar are built to last a long time. Residential solar panel installations are also a wise investment. They decrease your utility bills and your system will end up paying for itself down the road.

Below are some of the benefits homeowners get when they have solar panels installed:

  • Valuable return on investment
  • Increase job growth and boost the economy
  • Long term savings
  • Potentially add to your property value
  • Make a positive impact on the environment by using renewable energy

When Capital City Solar is on the job, we use industry-grade materials and dependable technology. With our experts on the job, this will prove to be an efficient fixture for your home. The popularity of solar panel systems for homes across the nation has made them more valuable when they’re on the market, Roseville included. It’s time to make a smart decision today and invest in a solar panel installation. Capital City Solar is ready for homeowners wanting to switch to clean, renewable energy.

Contact Your Solar Specialists Today

The main objective here at Capital City Solar is to offer customers an eco-friendly, renewable energy source for their homes in Roseville, CA, at an affordable rate. We have high-quality products that are made from professional-grade parts and components. We also put just as much importance into our customer service as we do our solar panel installations. The team at Capital City Solar is dedicated to the needs of our clients in Roseville, CA. We’re here to help you save money and improve your carbon footprint.

When you want to have solar panels installed on your home in Roseville, CA, then it’s time to call Capital City Solar. Our team provides quality solar installations in your region. You can truly depend on our solar specialists to handle your project. We’ll make sure that the job goes smoothly when you decide to switch over.

Capital City Solar is your go-to source for solar panel installations. Call us today at 916-256-2785 to get started.


How much will it cost if I do nothing?

How much will it cost if I do nothing?
Note - The above values for the Annual Electrical Rate Escalator are in percentages. National average is 3.7%


for example purposes only
Average System Size6kW
System Price$26,400
30% Federal Tax Credit$7,920
Net Price$18,480

And you thought Solar was expensive?

It’s time you call us to start saving.

Save Money and the Environment using the Latest Technology

We use sophisticated state-of-the-art software tools to perform a full site analysis to ensure your system meets your energy goals.

You can save money, increase the value of your home, ease your impact on the environment, and achieve electrical independence with a well-engineered system. Our home solar power solutions include completion of all permits and rebate paperwork, easy financing, ongoing maintenance options, and monitoring.



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