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Capital City Solar offers custom solar panel systems, ongoing maintenance, and monitoring for homes and commercial spaces. Our certified solar panel installers are dedicated to providing a system that meets your energy needs.



How much will it cost if I do nothing?

How much will it cost if I do nothing?
Note - The above values for the Annual Utility Rate Escalator are in percentages. National average is 3.7%

And you thought Solar was expensive?

It’s time you call us to start saving.

Save Money and the Environment using the Latest Technology

We use sophisticated state-of-the-art software tools to perform a full site analysis to ensure your system meets your energy goals.

You can save money, increase the value of your home, ease your impact on the environment, and achieve electrical independence with a well-engineered system. Our home solar power solutions include completion of all permits and rebate paperwork, easy financing, ongoing maintenance options, and monitoring.