Solar Panel Maintenance in Rocklin, CA

Your solar panel system is designed to operate continuously without issue for many years, even with exposure to wind, rain, and other inclement weather. But if your panels have accumulated a lot of dirt and debris, you’ll want solar panel cleaning and maintenance services to make them more efficient.


The solar panels on your roof need maintenance at least twice a year to keep them as efficient as possible. Capital City Solar serves customers in the Rocklin, CA, area with the solar panel maintenance services they need, and we do the job with excellent results. We thoroughly remove old dirt and debris accumulated over the years to give you a clean and pristine surface. These panels are made from strong, durable materials designed to withstand the elements. However, over the years, they may experience some wear that requires you to get repairs from a professional. If you need solar panel repairs, you can count on our technicians to handle the job with the utmost care and attention to detail. Reach out to us today to inspect your roof solar panels, and we’ll take care of maintenance and repairs that will allow your system to work at its best.

Professional Solar Panel Repair Services

Solar panels have significant cost savings for property owners, but they need to be in full view of the sun and free of anything blocking their ability to soak in the sun’s rays. Our professional solar panel repair services are the best way to ensure that everything functions as it should. Property owners in the Rocklin, CA, area can make the most of your system by hiring our skilled and experienced technicians to provide quality work. Routine inspections often find issues when they start, and we have the tools and techniques to deliver the necessary solar panel repairs. Sometimes, it takes a simple fix to get things working optimally again.

We offer various inspections and repairs for the solar panels on your roof, including:

  • Inverter inspection
  • System diagnostics
  • Panel inspection
  • Electrical inspection
  • Review for cracks and power surges
  • Advice as to whether the solar PV system needs cleaning

Residential and Commercial Solar Panel Repairs

Our team of extensively trained and equipped technicians can handle all of your routine solar panel maintenance services. When the time comes for your biannual cleaning service visit, don’t hesitate to reach out to the professionals at Capital City Solar. Your roof’s solar panels shouldn’t have anything preventing them from absorbing maximum energy and converting it into electricity. As your panels are continuously exposed to the elements, dirt and mineral deposits from water begin to build up over time. The film that builds up must be cleaned periodically to prevent further inefficiencies. You shouldn’t let this affect the way your system functions. Get the maintenance you need for the solar panels on your roof by reaching out to our knowledgeable and experienced technicians. We will provide any necessary solar panel repairs while we’re at it, so you can ensure that your system stays in the best condition. We work diligently to provide you with quality work and will work how they need for optimal performance.

Turn to Us for Your Roof’s Solar Panel Needs

Capital City Solar has provided solar panel repair services to customers in the Rocklin, CA, area for over 15 years. We have an excellent reputation for doing detailed work and going above and beyond to meet our customers’ satisfaction. Whether it’s your home or business that has solar panels on the roof, we are trained and equipped to handle any size maintenance job. In addition to cleaning, we will inspect everything for cracks that fallen objects or tremors may have caused. We are prepared to complete any repairs with excellent results. We’ll work with your current warranty to save you money if you need repair services for your roof’s solar panels. Regardless, we always look to bring great deals to our customers to help them stick to their budget. We aim to give you the services you need at a competitive rate. We’re the leading solar panel maintenance company in the area, and we’re the ones you want to provide quality services for your system.

Get a Solar Panel Maintenance Estimate

When you’re a solar panel system owner, maintenance is an essential step you must take to ensure that it is always working as it should. It’s an easy schedule visit and will prevent your system from becoming less efficient. Get the most out of the significant investment by making repairs when you need them and keeping an eye out for anything that could inhibit your system’s performance. At Capital City Solar, each of our technicians has received the training to inspect your roof’s panels annually. We are equipped with the tools to safely get onto your roof and clean off any debris that could impact how much energy can be produced. Call us today at 1-916-782-3333 to request an estimate and schedule services for your residential or commercial property in Rocklin, CA.


Do you have pigeons or other animals on or around your power system?

Animals can cause serious or indirect damage to your roof, as well as to your solar power system. In our experience, many homes can benefit from the installation of Critter Guards, which prevent animals from crawling or nesting under the panels and causing damage to inverters, wiring, and other critical components.

If you have an animal problem, call for a Critter Guard estimate today!