Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance for Citrus Heights, CA

Your solar panel system is designed to operate continuously without issue for many years, even with exposure to wind, rain, and other inclement weather. But if your panels have accumulated a lot of dirt and debris, you’ll want solar panel cleaning and maintenance services to make them more efficient.


The Importance of Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance

Solar cleaning and maintenance services are essential for making your system more efficient. A lot of the Northern California region experiences windy conditions regularly, which will blow soil and dust onto your solar panels. And if you live in Citrus Heights, CA, the many trees in the area are likely covering your system with leaves, pollen, and other debris.

Getting routine solar panel cleaning and maintenance means keeping your system functioning optimally. You know why you want your system running efficiently. Because this has a significant impact on your utility bill, you can lose about 10% or more of the power you generate from dirty solar panels. Loss of power from your panels means you use more power from the local energy grid, which will increase your monthly power bill.

This is why we here at Capital City Solar advise getting your solar panel system cleaned and maintained at least once per year. With proper cleaning and maintenance, you can take advantage of your investment! Why pay more on your energy bill when a bit of cleaning and maintenance can get your system running at peak performance?

We Are Your Solar Cleaning Experts

Capital City Solar has been responsible for installing over 1,200 solar panel systems across Northern California, including Citrus Heights. Not only that, but we have cleaned and maintained just as many. We are your solar cleaning experts, and we understand how to clean and maintain solar panel systems to get them back to proper performance without risking damage or reduced functionality. This is what you get with professional solar panel cleaning services from Capital City Solar.

Along with doing thorough cleaning services for our customers, we also perform a 30-point inspection and verify that all components are functioning to ensure your system is running at its highest efficiency level. We have the experience necessary to work on solar panel systems from various manufacturers, and we service almost all PV modules and inverters.

We guarantee that you’ll receive the best solar panel cleaning services in Citrus Heights, CA, from Capital City Solar.

Solar Maintenance

Along with cleaning, routine solar panel maintenance services are also essential. If you’ve noticed a dip in efficiency, you’ll want to call a professional from Capital City Solar to come out and check out your system.

Most issues regarding solar panel performance are typically related to electricity production, which is why when you have your panels installed, we recommend monitoring how your system is performing. When you’ve realized there’s something not quite right, you can count on the professional solar technicians from Capital City Solar. We’ll show up and inspect all the connections and check out the panels themselves to determine the issue.

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Capital City Solar is your premier solar panel cleaning and maintenance team for services in Citrus Heights, CA. For more than a decade, Capital City Solar has established a solid reputation in Northern California. People have noted that we take care of our customers, have an eye for detail, and exceed expectations. As a proud solar panel service team, we can give our customers in Citrus Heights, CA, industry-leading efficiency for their solar panels. Call us at (916) 256-2785 to schedule an appointment for solar panel cleaning and maintenance services today.


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Animals can cause serious or indirect damage to your roof, as well as to your solar power system. In our experience, many homes can benefit from the installation of Critter Guards, which prevent animals from crawling or nesting under the panels and causing damage to inverters, wiring, and other critical components.

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